Simplicity Skip Tracing Services

Simplicity has teamed up with LocateSmarter, a premier data provider, to automate the skip tracing process in Simplicity at a reduced cost for all Simplicity clients.  This means you save time and money!  The integration allows you to easily mark accounts individually or in bulk that need to be skipped, have them skipped the same day, and then have the results automatically updated and applied to your Simplicity accounts.  The best part, you can easily manage your own skip budgets, see skip results, manage which collectors can and cannot use the feature, and so much more.  Enable this feature for FREE today here is how:

Skip Trace Set Up:

  1. Access Settings >Administrators>Skip Trace Settings
  2. Click “Enable Skip Trace” to activate the feature
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions
  4. Check “I accept the terms and conditions” and then “Continue”
  5. At this point, you will see the legal portion. Check the applicable check boxes. If “No Permissible Purpose” is checked Skip tracing will not be enabled.
  6. Enter your first name, last name and a valid email address to send the signature and click “Save and Send Signature”
  7. You will receive an email for “Simplicity Authorization Request”
  8. Click “Sign Now” in the email and you will be brought to a signature page
  9. Enter your signature and click “Send Signature”
  10. Navigate back to Settings > Administrators>Skip Trace Settings. You will notice a status at the top of the skip trace page, “Waiting for Signature”
  11. At the bottom of this page, there is a button to “Check for Signature”.  Simplicity will automatically check for a signature over the course of 24 hours, but this button can be used to check immediately.
  12. After retrieving a successful signature, the page status will update to show “Enabled” and skip tracing can now be used


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost?:
    • Phone number and Address append: $0.10 per hit.
    • Deceased scrub: $0.14 per hit.
    • Bankruptcy scrub: $0.35 per hit.
    • NOTE: If there is no hit (data returned) you do not pay for the inquiry.
  • How will I be billed?: Once your Skip spending reaches $50.00, we will automatically bill the card we have on file. If you have not reached $50.00 by your next billing cycle, the accrued skip amount will be automatically billed with your maintenance payment.
  • How is the data processed?: The data is processed every ninety (90) minutes, based on the enabled accounts in Simplicity. The accounts can be enabled individually on the account, or in bulk through our Bulk Account Manager.
  • Can I Skip Trace an individual debtor?: At this time, the data for each individual debtor can only be processed along with a batch. However, we are currently developing the ability to skip trace individual accounts in real-time. We will be sure to keep our clients updated on the progress of this feature.

Phone Numbers and Addresses:

  • How many phone numbers are returned?: Only a single number is returned, which surprises some of our clients. The reason for this is that the returned number is the best possible contact number for that particular debtor and is retrieved using proprietary algorithms and sources to ensure that highest success and probability. This saves you time and money, as only the most accurate result is returned.  This strict matching logic allows us to return the most probable phone for the consumer and reduce excess data and potential costs associated with dialing it.  It also reduces the risk of dialing wrong numbers and minimizes CFPB complaints.


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