Simplicity Collection Software Upgrade- v2.5.0.0

The upgrade to version was successful you should now see the following NEW features in your software:

  • Financials Overhaul (the way financials currently work in Simplicity have been rewritten. This has been an ENORMOUS effort but will mean that they are more flexible for you to allocate and disburse funds).
  • The ability to add custom fee allocations
  • The ability to customize disbursements of individual allocations
  • The ability to determine which allocations accrue interest
  • The ability to add sliding steps for disbursements
  • Compumail Integration (we now integrate with Compumail for 3rd party letter fulfillment)
  • Automated docgen/fulfillment letter flows in the software
  • On demand fulfillment of letters
  • Recurring payment integration with PDC4U and Simplicity Payment Solutions (so you can set up your payment plans to automatically charge a debtors account via credit card or ACH)
  • Updates to payment plans (now you can fine tune individual dates and amounts for each payment plan)
  • Minor changes and additions to some reports
  • Custom development work for specific clients
  • Updates to the Account Exporter tool to allow processing of more records faster.
  • Updates to the Account Importer tool to allow processing of more records faster.

We hope that you will enjoy these new features. We have spent the last several months working very hard to make sure these new features would be available to you as our clients.

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