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Worklists are one way that users can manage their day to day work. Unlike a search results list, a Worklist helps with organizing specific accounts into one easy-to-access list, lets you preview stats about that list, and allows you to switch to your next account as easy as the click of a button. Some examples of how companies use Worklists in Simplicity include:

  • Setting a Worklist just for yourself (a single user) so you can work on collections, legal cases, etc. one account at a time. You can even come back to it tomorrow, picking up right where you left off.
  • Set a Worklist for your team (multiple users). If you have a new portfolio of accounts to address, multiple users can assign themselves to that Worklist, or an administrator can assign users to the Worklist. In either case, the multiple users can work on the accounts together as a team, and will be directed to the next “unworked” account in the list each time they’re ready to move on. This prevents employees working the same account, and can show an administrator how efficient their team is.
  • Set up multiple Worklists. As users log in, they can choose which Worklist they want to work (either solo or as a team), and switch to another one at any time.


Option 1 – The [Create Worklist] Button:

When you are not assigned to a Worklist, you will see a [Create Worklist] button in the top right corner of Simplicity, under your username. This will show on every page in Simplicity:

Clicking this will open up the filter options. You can select any filters you wish to use for your Worklist, or select none, if you want to pull from all of your accounts. Once you’ve chosen what you need, enter a name for your worklist at the bottom, in the Worklist Name box:

Once you’ve entered a name, click the “Create Worklist” button. A pop up will prompt you to verify that you would like to create said Worklist.

Once saved, the screen will refresh and you will be automatically assigned to the new Worklist.

Option 2 – Using the Filter Options Directly:

Similar to Option 1, you can jump right to opening up the filter options in the top left-hand corner, select your filters (if any), enter a name for your worklist at the bottom in the Worklist Name box, and click “Create Worklist. As before, a pop up will prompt you to verify that you would like to create said Worklist.

Once saved, the screen will refresh and you will be automatically assigned to the new Worklist.

Option 3 – Using an Existing Worklist:

At any time, you can open the filter options in the top left-hand corner and select a Worklist to use from the Available Worklists drop-down box in the top right-hand corner:

Once you’ve selected your Worklist, click the “Work Now” button to be assigned to it.

Option 4 – Using the Worklist Manager:

This tool can be accessed from Settings > Worklist Manager or by clicking on the sprocket icon on the top right-hand side. It works in conjunction with the previously explained [Create Worklist] button. It allows administrators to assign a Worklist to one or more users at a time, remove users from existing Worklists, create new Worklists and delete Worklists.

The first thing you’ll see at the top of the Worklist Manager screen is a list of filters, identical to the filter options screen used in Options 1, 2 and 3 above. However, at the bottom of the filters, you will have the option to add a new Worklist Name and Assign Worklist to specific collectors on your team:

Once you’ve created a Worklist Name and you’ve chosen either a single or multiple users to assign the Worklist to, you can click the “Create Worklist” button.

A pop up will appear letting you know the Worklist was successfully created. Down below the filters, you will see your new Worklist with additional information, such as:

  • Worklist Name: the name specified for the Worklist at creation
  • Date Created: the date the Worklist was created
  • Created By: who created the Worklist
  • X of Y Accounts Worked: How many accounts have been worked out of the total number in the Worklist
  • Updated as of: the date the Worklist was last updated
  • Users Working: which users have started working on the Worklist, above which users are assigned to it
  • Last Worked: when the Worklist was last worked by any collector assigned to it
  • Worklist Details (paper icon in top-right): list of all accounts associated with this Worklist, and who has worked what
  • Delete Worklist (red X icon in top-right): option to delete the Worklist from Simplicity

Users assigned to a Worklist by an admin who is using this page will have to refresh their Simplicity screen to see the new details.


If you see an error message appear that says: “You are already assigned to this Worklist. Please select another available Worklist” AND you do not have the green arrow button, either a) the worklist has already been completed or b) you need to clear your browser cache and/or history, then try again.

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