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Worklist Details is a page for managers or administrators to view how a Worklist is doing. It can be used to determine:

  • How quickly the Worklist is being worked
  • Who is working the most accounts
  • How many accounts are left to be worked, and more

If you pull up the Worklist Details page, either from the Worklist Manager or by going to the button at the top right-hand corner of Simplicity, you will see a list of all the accounts that belong to your current Worklist.

You will also see the following headers along the top:

Account Number Current Status Debtor Full Name Client Name Current Balance Worked Date User Name


Clicking on these headers will sort the accounts by that value (A-Z or Z-A), so you can preview what’s been worked already, what still needs to be worked, and who has done what work on your accounts.

You can also switch the # Results Shown box at the top right-hand corner from the default [25]  to a larger value, or even [ALL].



If # Results Shown is set to [ALL], the data can be copy-pasted into Microsoft Excel to apply additional filters or formulas.


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