Worklists – Using a Worklist

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Icons will appear at the top right-hand corner of your Simplicity screen once you’ve been assigned to a Worklist:

  • X/Y worked: Shows the total number of accounts in the Worklist, and how many have been worked to date.
  •   Previous Account: Leave the current account unworked and return to the previous account.
  • Next Unworked Account: Mark the current account worked and move on to the next unworked account.
  • Skip to Next Unworked Account: Leave the current account unworked and move on to the next unworked account.
  • Worklist Details (Admin Only): This will take you to an overview of the Worklist.
  • Pause: Click on this icon to temporarily pause the worklist and come back to it at a later time. To resume this worklist click on “
  • Delete Current Worklist (Admin Only): This will ask if you want to delete the assigned Worklist. This removes it from the filter options as well.
  • Worklist Manager (Admin Only): This will automatically take you to the Worklist Manager.


You can use these icons to move between the accounts in your list. To get started and move to the first unworked account, click the  button. When you’re finished working the current account, make sure to save your changes and click the button again.

If you are the user working the last account in a Worklist, you will receive a message stating that the Worklist has been completed.


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