What are Enhancement Requests?

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What is an Enhancement Request?

Enhancement requests are suggestions we receive from our customers for changes they would love to see in SimplicityCollect. These may be updates to existing features, affiliations with new services, or brand new ideas.


Where can I submit a request?

We love hearing feedback about our software and encourage you to share your thoughts. You can contact our Simplicity Support team to submit feedback at: helpdesk@simplicitycollect.com


How soon will these enhancements be completed?

When enhancement requests are received, we compile them in a list based on a) overall interest from the community and b) the order they are submitted. They are subject to review and discussion by our development teams. We cannot provide a specific date or time frame for when these enhancements will be fulfilled. If you need a change made on a more urgent time frame, you can get a quote for Custom Work.


Does it cost anything?

There is no cost associated with enhancement requests. You can submit as many as you would like.


See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at helpdesk@simplicitycollect.com.