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The Client Importer tool is useful for when you have a large spreadsheet of Client information you would like to add into Simplicity. Instead of typing out each one by one via Settings > Clients, you can use this tool to add them all in bulk.

The mapping capabilities of the Client Importer tool work just like the Account Importer tool.  To use this tool, perform the following:

  1. Click Tools > File Importing > Client Importer in the menu bar.
  2. Click .. / Choose File
  3. Select the file to be used to update your accounts.
  4. Select Prepare File for Uploading.
  5. In Step #2, click the Create New File Map
  6. Give your mapping a name at the top of the screen.
  7. Using the File Column and Account Element lists, map together the available fields by selecting an item from each list, then click the Add >>
  8. Once everything is mapped successfully, click the Save New Mapping
  9. Choose the mapping from the drop-down list under Step #2.
  10. For Step #3, click Import Clients.
  11. If you see that some or all of your Clients did not import properly, the downloaded Results file will say in the first column what the problem was. You can use this information to figure out what might have caused the issue, and what Client(s) were not imported.
  12. Fix the mapping that you had used to import these Clients and preform the import process again to take care of any issues.


Available Client Account Element Fields

Required Client Short Name
Optional Address
Optional Address Two
Optional Cell #
Optional City
Optional Client Portal Enabled
Optional Client Portal Password
Optional Client Portal Username
Optional Contact
Optional Country
Suggested Default Attorney Contingency
Suggested Default Commission Rate
Suggested Default Prejudgment Interest Rate
Optional Email Address
Optional Fax
Optional Client Full Name
Optional Max Disc
Optional Note
Optional Phone #
Optional Phone # Ext.
Optional State
Optional ZIP


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