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The Automatic Export Manager allows you to create an export file of your information from Simplicity.

Tools > File Exporting > Automatic Export Manager

  1. Choose your Export Type. (Account, Notes, or Report Builder)
  2. Choose a Filter Name. These configuration options need to be created prior to using the Automatic Export Manager.
  3. Choose your File Type, CSV or TXT.

                -If TXT is selected, you will also be able to choose your delimiter.

  1. Create a Configuration Name to identify your export configuration.
  2. Add a Filename Date Suffix.

In the Transmission Settings, you will have to tell Simplicity where to pull the file(s) from. To do so:

  1. Pick the Type of transmission you’ll be performing, either FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or Email.
  2. Provide the Host location, Remote Path, Username and Password to access the FTP/FTPS/SFTP.
  3. Provide a Notification Email where you would like to receive updates concerning new files.
  4. Add an Export Description for when they occur.
  5. Provide a date for when the Next Run should be.
  6. Choose whether or not you would like the software to Delete Previous Exports from the host location.
  7. Select the Run Frequency and Run Time.
    • Choose the Run Time as default and the export will run during the nightly automations.
  8. Click Add Export Schedule to save your new configuration.

Once created, you will have options to:

-Edit specific configurations
-Delete specific configurations
-Pause a configuration so it does not run
-Run a configuration immediately

When an automatic export returns an error under the Last Run Status, first ensure that the transmission settings are correct by clicking on the pencil icon next to the export in question. If the information is correct, try running the export again by clicking on the circle icon pointing counterclockwise , then click on the Run icon .  If an error occurs again, contact the Simplicity Help Desk.

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