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The Custom Notification Manager allows you to create custom email and text message templates to send to your debtors. These differ from generating DocGens because it is sent in text form instead of a Word or PDF attachment. These notifications can be used for situations like:

  • Customized payment reminders
  • Notification for a missed payment
  • Notification for a posted payment
  • Confirmation of a fulfilled payment plan
  • Mailer campaigns via email or text message, and more


Creating New Notifications

1. Navigate to Tools > Custom Notification Manager.

2. Create a new Description at the top to describe your new template. If this will be used for SMS texting, make sure to change the box to the right of it from Email to Text.

3. In the large area below, type what message you’d like to send to your customers and/or debtors. (Text messages are broken up into 160 character segments when they are sent.)

4. When putting in your message, you can use the Field Type, Field, and Insert buttons to add SimplicityCollect fields to your message. When generated, the message will auto-populate those field details for you, based on the account you’re sending it to.

5. Click Save Message at the bottom when you’re completed. It will appear on the left-hand side of the screen if you ever need to make changes to it.

6. (optional) Once created, there is also an option to test or preview your message at the bottom of the screen. You can add an unlimited number of templates.


Sending SMS Text Messages

When you’re ready to send out letter templates or text messages to customers/debtors, there are a few ways you can do so:

From the Account

1. On any account’s Claim Details page, go to the Notifications section to choose your message template of choice. Make sure to use the first drop-down option to select either Email or Text. You can click the Preview button to view the message before it goes out, or click the Send  button.

2. A popup will appear asking: Are you sure you want to send the custom message to the debtor? Click OK.

NOTE: Texts will only be sent to accounts where there is a Primary Cell Phone Number available. 

Email Options

When sending an email you will receive the option to send it to one or more addresses including any co-debtor addresses as long as the email is not “Bad”. You will also have the option to send it with a carbon copy and/or blind carbon copy.



Using Account Automation

1. Navigate to Tools > Automation Tools > Account Automation.

2. Where it says Create New Event Automation, add a Description and a trigger in the On Event box. Click Create Event Automation.

3. Under Event Conditions/Add Event Condition, you can specify more unique rules for when texts should be sent.

4. Under Event Auto Actions/Add Event Action, add a Description and the Send Customized Text or Send Customized Email action. Choose which Template you want SimplicityCollect to send out for you when those events and conditions are triggered.

5. Click Add Event Action to save your changes.



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