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The Bulk Account Distributor tool is one of the best tools in SimplicityCollect for assigning accounts to your collectors. Unlike the Bulk Account Manager tool, this tool allows you to assign accounts to multiple collectors at once.


Using the Bulk Account Distributor

1. Click on Tools > Bulk Account Distributor from the drop-down list.

2. In the top portion of the screen are filters. These filters are used to limit the accounts that you will be manipulating. Choose a combination of filters to show only the accounts you want to make changes to. (Example: If you want to choose accounts that are assigned a certain status AND are not assigned to a collector, filter by both the the specific Status and specific Collector named [Unassigned].)

3. Once you have chosen the filter “Collector” > [Unassigned] click the button “Load Accounts.”

4. A number of accounts will appear in the Accounts Available box to the right. This is the total number you will be assigning to collectors.

5. Below this, you will have an option to a) distribute accounts by a set number # or by a percentage %. You can also choose to sort by balance, which will assign the highest balance accounts first.

6. Below these options, you’ll see a list of all your collectors in the system. There is a box next to each one in which you can put the number (or percentage) of accounts you want to assign, up to or equal to the number in the Accounts Available box.

7. Click the “Distribute Accounts” button to finalize your changes. The screen will refresh, showing you the total number of accounts and the total balance of debt assigned to each individual.

8. Optional: The “Reset Values” button sets all the boxes next to the collectors back to 0.


Saving a Configuration

If you find yourself performing the same bulk actions repeatedly with the same filters, you can select those filters and actions and save them as a workflow Configuration. This is located at the top of the Bulk Account Distributor screen right above the filter options.

1. Enter all of your settings (filters and action elements alike) as you want them normally.

2. Before clicking Perform Selected Actions, go up to the box at the top of the screen called Name: and enter a name for the Configuration you would like to save.

3. Click the Add button to the right-hand side of the box.

4. This Configuration will now appear in the list on the upper left-hand side of the screen, where it says [Configuration].

5. To load a former Configuration, select it from the drop-down list and then click the Load button.

  • When you have a Configuration selected from this list, you can use the Load button to load it, the Update button to update it (if you make any changes to the filters and/or data elements below) or the Delete button to remove it completely.

6. The Configuration settings will now automatically populate in the Filters area.



When assigning accounts using the Bulk Account Distributor tool, it is recommended that you filter Collectors by ‘Unassigned.’ Then once you assign accounts to one collector, those accounts will no longer appear in the list of accounts that you are assigning from. You can also use the Bulk Account Manager tool the same way.


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