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Once a Letter Flow is created via Letter Automation – Configure and added to an “OPEN” type account, new letter information can be generated each day via the Letter Automation – Run section of the software. This page will provide you a detailed report of what accounts have what letter due within a given date range and will allow you to print letters in bulk.

  Make sure to mark the letters complete only AFTER you’ve downloaded and printed them. Once they are marked complete, the system will remove them from your Letter Automation – Run list. A note will be added to the account once the letters are marked as complete, for easier tracking.


When using a 3rd party fulfillment service, some will allow you to send them this generated .docx file to be sent out. Others may require different information such as an exported list of fields from Simplicity. Our integrated fulfillment services, CompuMail, Renkim and Focus1, can be set up directly with your Simplicity account. This latter option, once set up, provides automatic letter fulfillment every day of the week via secure FTP, additional configuration options in the Letter Automation – Configure section, detailed letter development and more. If you would like more information regarding our 3rd party fulfillment service, you can find contact information at .


If Letter Flows are set up to use an integrated 3rd party vendor, files are automatically sent to the vendor via secure FTP and the results file for a listing of letters sent is also processed and added to the notes automatically.  There is no need to “kick off” or run a process to send the data to the 3rd party vendor.  This is done automatically with Simplicity’s nightly scheduler.  The Letter Flow – Run section is ONLY used if 3rd party is not used for letter fulfillment.


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