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The Letter Automation – Configure section provides you the ability to set up a Letter Flow for use with your collection accounts.  In addition, Simplicity integrates with 3rd party letter fulfillment companies that provide fulfillment services for Simplicity clients.

Adding New Letter Flows using DocGen Templates

The first screen this tool takes you to is automatically set up to add a new Letter Flow. To start:

  1. Enter a Flow Name to recognize your Letter Flow by.
  2. Check whether or not you would like this Letter Flow to automatically Assign to all new accounts. This means as soon as a new account is added, it will automatically have this Letter Flow attached to it.
  3. Check whether or not you want the letter flow to send if:
    1. Account has a payment within X Days When this box is checked, it indicates an account will *not* be set up to receive a letter if you’ve received a payment after a set number of days. For example, if you set the rule for “No payment within 2 days”, and John Doe is set to receive his “2nd Demand Letter” after 30 days, as long as he makes a payment no later than the 28th day Simplicity will remove his name from the Letter Flow Queue.
    2. The account has a payment plan that is on hold.
    3. The account has a specific Collection Status
    4. The account has a specific Action Code
    5. The Debtor’s Primary address lists a specific State
  4. Choose whether the letter flow will be 3rd party fulfillment, DocGen or Custom Notification (email) based
  5. Next, add a [Letter Code] in the case of 3rd Party Fulfillment, a [Document Template] in the case of DocGen or a [Custom Notification] in the case of Custom Notification.
  6. If you are utilizing DocGen, the templates listed are from the Settings à DocGen Templates portion of Simplicity. If no documents appear in this list, you must go to Settings à DocGen Templates to add some. If you need help, view the section of the User Manual on “Create a Template Using Mail Merge”.
  7. In the “Days” box, choose when you want this letter to go out (ex. 7 days). These days refer to how long the collection accounts have been in the system for. When accounts are first imported or created (using the New Account) button, they start off as 0 days old. You can view an account’s age via their Claim Details
  8. After you’ve specified a document and the number of days you want the letter created after, click the Add This will add the letter to the Letter Flow. You can then add additional letters for example, “2nd Demand Letter” could be set at 30 days, “3rd Demand Letter” could be sent at 60 days, and so on.
  9. You now have the choice of Global Rules.Check whether or not you want the letter flow to send if:
    1. The Debtor’s Primary address is Bad
    2. The Debtor’s age is under XX
  10. When finished, click the Save button at the bottom. This will finalize your Letter Flow and add it to the left side of the screen.


Editing Existing Letter Flows

Existing Letter Flows appear on the left of the screen and can be edited by clicking on the name of the flow.  In the above example, there is a Letter Flow created called “Test”.  When clicking on “Test” you will see details of the Letter Flow.

This Letter Flow can be further modified by using the standard Edit and Delete buttons native to SimplicityCollect.  When you’re finished editing the Letter Flow, click the Save button at the bottom to confirm your changes. You can also Delete a Letter Flow in the same way.

Letter Flows can be created and used with 3rd party fulfillment services or standard mail merge tools already built into SimplicityCollect.


Adding a Letter Flow to an Account

Once the Letter Flow is created, you may now assign it to an account a) manually via the Claim Details screen of a specific account, or b) via the Bulk Account Manager in the Tools menu.

When adding a Letter Flow from the Claim Details page of an account, select the Letter Flow from the drop list in the Letter Flows section on the right side of the screen.  Once the new flow is selected, click on the Add Letter Flow button.

Once the new Letter Flow is added to the account, it will appear in the Letter Flows section.

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