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The Account Updater tool is used to update information that is specific to the account such as Client Claim Number, Original Creditor, or any custom fields within your accounts on SimplicityCollect.

It is required to have the Account Number or Client Claim Number of the accounts you will be updating to use this tool. (SSN can also be used, but may not work in the case of multiple accounts for a single debtor). Otherwise, you are only left with the option of updating the accounts manually.


Updating Accounts using the Account Updater

The Account Updater tool allows you the ability to update accounts once they have already been added into the system. The mapping capabilities of the Account Updater tool work just like the Account Importer tool.  To use this tool, perform the following steps:


1. Click Tools > File Updating > Account Updater in the menu bar.

2. Click .. / Choose File.

3. Select the file to be used to update your accounts.

4. Click Create New File Map.

5. You must now create a new mapping to associate with this file. If you already have a mapping you’d like to use, skip to step #9. Make mapping associations between the Account Number in your file and the Account/Claim Number field in Simplicity, OR between the Client Claim Number in your file and the Client Claim Number field in Simplicity. (NOTE: You don’t have to map both unless you’re updating the Client Claim Number specifically.)

6. Match up other columns from your file to the appropriate fields in Simplicity in order to update the information in those fields with the data coming from the file. You ONLY have to map fields that you want to update. (NOTE: If you map any fields that are blank, nothing will update. Only map fields that have data.)

7. Give this mapping a name.

8. Click Save New Mapping.

9. Choose the mapping from the drop-down list (if it is not already selected).

10. Click Update Accounts.


If you see that your accounts did not update properly (or only some did), the downloaded Results file will explain in the first column what the problem was. You can use this information to figure out what might have caused the issue, and what account(s) were not updated. Make the necessary adjustments to your file and/or mapping and preform the update process again to take care of any issues.


Updating Claim Amount vs. Adding a New Claim Amount

During the mapping process, you will see a checkbox under File Column labeled:

If you are using the Account Updater tool to update an existing Claim Amount, leave this unchecked. The original claim will be updated to the new numbers in your spreadsheet.

If you would like to add a new Claim Amount to all of the accounts listed in your spreadsheet, you can check this box instead. This will keep the original claim on all your accounts AND add your spreadsheet’s secondary claim, making the Current Balance Due on the accounts the total of both. Each claim can still be viewed individually on an account by going to Financials > Claims.



The data you get out of SimplicityCollect is only as good as the data that you put into SimplicityCollect. Make sure that you Import the correct data to save yourself work later.


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