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If you need to set up text messaging as an option for contacting your customers or debtors, you can sign up for a texting package with us and create your own custom templates. Here’s how to get started.

Please note that this texting feature is for one-way communication at this time and does not allow debtors to send a text reply back to you.

Purchasing a Package and Setup

1. First, an Administrator needs to go to Settings > Administrators > Text Dashboard.

2. On this page, you can choose which package you’d like to enable in the Select Your Package section:

  • Standard – $49.00 / month – Up to 2,000 outbound message segments
  • Select – $99.00 / month – Up to 5,000 outbound message segments
  • Pro – $199.00 / month – Up to 12,000 outbound message segments
  • Enterprise – $359.00/ month – Up to 25,000 outbound message segments
  • Enterprise Select – $549.00 / month – Up to 50,000 outbound message segments
  • Enterprise Pro – $799.00 / month – Up to 75,000 outbound message segments
  • Enterprise Plus – $1,059.00 / month – Up to 100,000 outbound message segments

*Packages can be upgraded at any time, but please note that any unused segments that have already been purchased will be lost.

*Please notify us if you upgrade your package with existing pending text messages so that we can ensure they are sent.

3. You will be required to accept our terms and conditions before continuing.

4. In the Send Signature Request section, enter a 4 digit PIN number of your choice and an email address we can send a signature request to. Click the button to Send the request. A popup will appear stating: Authorization Link sent successfully to yourname@email.com. Please check your email and use PIN _ _ _ _ to complete the signature process and enable the SMS services.

5. Check your email for the message. It will be from Simplicity Authorization Services. Click the Sign Now button on the email.

6. Type in your PIN number or validation code you created in step #4.

7. Sign beneath the are labeled: I hereby authorize the above transaction(s).

8. (optional) You can send a transaction report link to your email, or view/save the file using the View Transaction Report button.

9. Back on SimplicityCollect, a Waiting for Signature area will appear. You can click the Check for Signature button to refresh. Once a signature is received, the card on file is charged.

NOTE: If the card does not have the appropriate funds available, you will receive an error: Unable to charge card to enable SMS.

10. There will be an option to Purchase a New Phone in addition to any phone numbers provided as your package deal. NOTE: Each phone number can send up to only 250 segments per day (1 segment is made up of 160 characters). If you anticipate on sending more than 250 segments per day then additional phone numbers should be purchased.

11. There will also be a SMS History section to the right of this screen where you can view texts that have been sent. If any texts are pending or were sent unsuccessfully they will be displayed here as well.

Creating SMS Text Templates

1. Navigate to Tools > Custom Notification Manager.

2. Create a new Description at the top to describe your new template. If this will be used for SMS texting, make sure to change the box to the right of it from Email to Text.

3. In the large area below, type what message you’d like to text your customers and/or debtors. Messages are broken up into 160 character segments when they are sent. When putting in your message, you can use the Field Type, Field, and Insert buttons to add SimplicityCollect fields to your message. When generated, the message will auto-populate those field details for you, based on the account you’re sending it to.

4. Click Save Message at the bottom when you’re completed. It will appear on the left-hand side of the screen if you ever need to make changes to it.

5. (optional) Once created, there is also an option to test or preview your message at the bottom of the screen. You can add an unlimited number of SMS text templates.

Sending SMS Text Messages

When you’re ready to send out text messages to customers or debtors, there are a few ways you can do so:

From the Account

1. On any account’s Claim Details page, go to the Notifications section to choose your text message template of choice. You can click the Preview button to view the text before it goes out, or click the Send  button to send the text.

2. A popup will appear asking: Are you sure you want to send the custom message to the debtor? Click OK.

NOTE: Texts will only be sent to accounts where there is a Primary Cell Phone Number available.

Using Account Automation

1. Navigate to Tools > Automation Tools > Account Automation.

2. Where it says Create New Event Automation, add a Description and a trigger in the On Event box. Click Create Event Automation.

3. Under Event Conditions/Add Event Condition, you can specify more unique rules for when texts should be sent.

4. Under Event Auto Actions/Add Event Action, add a Description and the Send Customized Text action. Choose which Template you want SimplicityCollect to send out for you when those events and conditions are triggered.

5. Click Add Event Action to save your changes.

See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at helpdesk@simplicitycollect.com.