SimplicityCollect Alert: Insert New Claim General Error – Duplicate entry ‘XXXXX’ for key ‘UniqueCaseNumberIndex’

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Insert New Claim General Error – Duplicate entry ‘XXXXX’ for key ‘UniqueCaseNumberIndex’

This message will appear on a Results File after an import attempt using the Account Importer tool, and indicates:

1) That you are mapping a column to SimplicityCollect’s Account Number field, and

2) that an account already exists in SimplicityCollect with that specific Account Number.


Account Numbers always have to be unique values in SimplicityCollect.

You will want to first double-check that the accounts you are importing do not already exist in the system. If they do, you will want to determine if the new data is just duplicated, if it is updated information to existing accounts (in which case you can use the Account Updater or Debtor Updater tools to add this new data), or if it refers to completely different accounts that just happen to have a matching account number. If they do not exist in Simplicity yet, check to see if they are duplicate Account Numbers in the spreadsheet itself.

You can still import your data by a) fixing duplicate numbers in your spreadsheet and re-importing the file, b) un-mapping the Account Number field on the Mapping screen, or c) mapping this number to a different field like Client Claim Number or a custom field.




If you have a lot of rows in your Excel spreadsheet, you can find duplicate Account Numbers a lot faster by using Conditional Formatting. Select the column you’re using for your Account Number and click on: Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules  > Duplicate Values… On the pop-up window, click OK. All duplicates will be highlighted with red boxes and text.


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