SimplicityCollect Alert: Debtor Add Error – Data too long for column ‘ssn’ at row 1

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Debtor Add Error – Data too long for column ‘ssn’ at row 1.

This message will appear on a Results File after an import attempt using the Account Importer tool, and indicates:

1) That you are mapping a column to SimplicityCollect’s Debtor SSN field, and

2) the column contains an SSN that is longer than expected.


Sometimes this can happen if other information is also being stored in the SSN field, such as a 2nd possible SSN for the debtor, another SSN for their spouse, or information/notes pertaining to their case. Remove these longer numbers (and any other inaccurate information, such as placeholders like XXX-XX-XXXX, 000-00-0000, etc.) and then attempt to re-import your file.




If you have a need for a different style of SSN number, contact our support staff. We can enable an option called “Freeform SSN” which allows most characters and/or lengths of SSN.


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