SimplicityCollect Alert: Account Error – String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

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Full message:

Account Error – String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

This message will appear on a Results File after an import attempt using the Account Importer tool, and indicates:

1) That you are mapping a column to a SimplicityCollect’s date type field, and

2) that the date format in that column is not in Short Date Format (example: 01/01/2010).


Double-check your file for any columns that may be tied to date type fields in SimplicityCollect (this includes stock fields and custom fields). Verify the formatting is correct, and that the dates are not placeholders or fake dates. This can sometimes happen with dates like 2/29/2000 or 0/0/1900. Once you’ve corrected your columns, re-import your file.

NOTE: If you check your file and your date fields are correct, OR you are not importing any date fields, the issue is often in the mapping. It is likely that another field is mapped to a date type field by accident. Double-check the fields you have mapped and remove any that may be incorrect before re-importing.


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