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Using a Dialer in Simplicity

SimplicityCollect provides you the ultimate flexibility for dialer integration. Because there are hundreds of different dialer programs on the market, SimplicityCollect provides you the option to use almost any available dialer.  To easily export data for your dialer, click on Tools > File Exporting > Data Exporter. Select the appropriate filters followed by Export Phones.   This will generate a .csv file that can then be easily loaded into your dialer program.  This will display a list of all the debtor’s home and cell phones and their current status.

If additional information is needed for your dialer, select the necessary Export Fields at the bottom of the screen, then click on the Merge Phones check box and then click on Export Accounts.

For more advanced dialer integrations, you can go to Settings > Dialer Settings. We will explain some of these features below.

URL Posting or “Screen Pop” with a Dialer

If your dialer supports URL posting—this is where you have an account pulled up automatically and the call notated—you can generate the code the dialer needs by going to Settings > Dialer Settings.

Where it says Using Dialer we have a drop-down list with selectable “presets”. If your dialer is not listed, simply choose Other from the list.

For our example, we’ll go ahead and use VoIPEssential.

Once we choose this from the drop-down menu, a list of presets appears in the Dialer Post Argument column. These are used by the dialer to find, locate, and notate a “Popped” account.

At the very bottom of the page is a Sample Post-URL link. This link is a culmination of the fields in the Dialer Post Argument column. Dialers who have a “screen popping” feature need this URL copy/pasted into its settings in order to display your Simplicity accounts.

Because of how different every dialer is, we do not have exact steps for where you place this in the dialer program. We recommend checking with your dialer’s technical support for more specifics.

Once you have set up the Sample Post-URL, make sure to click the Save Settings button.

Click to Dial with SIP

If your dialer has a SIP address we can link to, you can enter that SIP address via Settings > Dialer Settings under the Click to Dial section.  This will automatically create a phone icon for each debtor phone number on the Claim Details page. Clicking this icon will launch a call to your dialer automatically.

  1. Check the box next to “SIP Link – sip:[phone]@_________” .
  2. Enter your SIP address in the box provided.
  3. Click the Save Settings button to finalize your changes.

Click to Dial with Vonage

If you would like to use the Click to Dial feature but with Vonage instead, navigate to Settings > Dialer Settings. Then follow these additional steps:

  1. Under the Click to Dial section, select Vonage and click the Save Settings
  2. Next navigate to Settings > Administrators > Collectors / Employees.
  3. In the Vonage Credentials settings box, type in the username and password and click on the Update
  4. Now the user you just configured MUST log out of SimplicityCollect and then log back in.
  5. Once that user logs in and pulls up an account, there will be a phone icon next to each debtor phone number:

  1. Clicking on this small phone icon will open a new window and attempt to access Vonage’s API for an outbound call. If the API call is successful, the window will automatically close and you will be back on the Simplicity account page, and your phone will ring. Once you pick up, it will dial out to the phone number for the debtor.
  2. If there is an error, the page will stay open and report the error. To close the window after reviewing the error, you can click the Close Window For example:

  1. If a user’s Vonage credentials are modified, that user will need to log out and then log back in to Simplicity before the changes will take effect.

Vaspian Dialer – Click-To-Dial

  1. Enable Vaspian click-to-dial, and hit “Save Settings”
  2. Click-to-Dial for Vaspian on Agency / Company, is now enabled.
  3. Admin will now need to log out, and log back in… then go to: Collector / Employees Settings
  4. Select the user you desire to setup Vaspian click-to-dial, add the Vaspian settings, and click the “Update” button
  5. Now, the user that has been updated, will need to log out and then log back in… and now they will have a phone “dial” icon next to the phone number:

TCN – Click-To-Dial

  1. Select TCN from the drop down at the top and enter the username and password.
  2. Enable TCN click-to-dial and enter Caller ID. Click “Save Settings”
  3. Click-to-Dial for TCN on Agency / Company, is now enabled.
  4. Admin will now need to log out, and log back in… then go to: Collector / Employees Settings
  5. Select the user you desire to setup TCN click-to-dial, add the TCN Agent ID, Username, and Password. Click the “Update” button to save.
  6. Now, the user that has been updated and will need to log out and then log back in. User will now have a phone “dial” icon next to the phone number.

Information about T-Max Dialer

For information regarding integration with T-Max dialer please refer to the following helpful link: .Simply click on the Knowledge Base link and type “simplicity” in the search box. T-Max’s system is a manual pop (not an automatic pop) system because a) it uses less resources and b) not every call needs to be popped.

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