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NOTE: The menu option Administrators is only available to administrator-type user accounts. If you need something updated, please contact your company administrator.


The Convenience Fee Settings page allows administrators to enable or disable a prompt for a convenience fee, that pops up when processing a payment or setting up a payment plan on an account. They can also use this screen to adjust the settings of those fees. Convenience fees are used for situations like:

  • When running a credit card or debit card as an additional processing fee
  • To offset charges from a processor to the debtor
  • To encourage debtors to pay off their balance sooner, to avoid fees for prolonged payment plans
  • An amount that affects the balance each time the payment is made
  • An amount that does not affect the balance, and is just additional funds collected
  • An amount that is either shared with clients or kept 100% by the agency

NOTE: It is important to know what your local laws are, and whether or not you are legally allowed to collect convenience fees from your accounts. Double-check before enabling this option. Also be aware that once enabled, you can skip posting the fees on any payment, for any account, or disable the feature at any time.


Enabling Convenience Fees

Checking Enable Convenience Fees will turn on the feature. This amount can be Fixed (a set dollar amount) or a Percent (a percent of the actual payment being posted).

By default, these fees do not affect the balance of accounts, but are merely recorded as having occurred. If you check Fee Affects Balance they will instead reduce the total balance due like the actual payment does.

Marking Enable Allocation Override allows you to determine how the convenience fee should be allocated, regardless of the individual account settings. This can be based off of a Fixed Amount or a Percent.

Disable for States allows you to mark individual states where convenience fees may be prohibited on collection accounts. When an individual state is marked, convenience fee settings will be automatically disabled for all accounts with an address containing the chosen state(s).


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