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NOTE: The menu option Administrators is only available to administrator-type user accounts. If you need something updated, please contact your company administrator.

The Company/CC Settings screen allows administrators to manage several areas of their SimplicityCollect account:

  • Update company contact information
  • Update company billing address
  • View the current balance on their account
  • View when their next payment is due
  • View billing history and print receipts
  • Enable API settings
  • Enable syncing with personal email server and more

Changing Company Name and Address

1) Click Settings > Administrators > Company / CC Settings.

2) On the left side of the screen, make any necessary changes to the company name, address, contact information and time zone.

3) Click the Update Info button to save your changes.


The email address listed here is where payment receipts for your SimplicityCollect subscription are sent.

If you change the company name, you will see this reflected on the software the next time you log in.

Company Settings

Account Linking: This provides the option to “Soft-Link” on Matching Debtor SSN. This means that if two accounts have an individual with the same SSN (not necessarily the same name, only matching SSN) a blue hyperlink will appear like normal “Linked” accounts.

Use current user’s email as from/reply to address: Enable this to add a Reply To on any email generated from the system. The Reply To field within the email that is sent to the debtor will show the email address of whichever user generated the email. If SMTP is enabled, it will show the user’s email address in the From field.

Email Server: This allows you to Use own SMTP server for sending emails. When checked, more options will appear for your email server. This includes the ability to test the settings afterward. This functionality affects any areas of the software where you can send an email to an account, such as sending out automated payment reminders or generating/emailing a letter.

Enterprise Debtor Portal: For an extra monthly fee, you can enable the Enterprise version of the Debtor Payment Portal. The average portal allows debtors to make one time payments to your company, but this provides additional options including but not limited to:

  • Unique pay-off scales
  • Option for debtor to set up a payment plan
  • Provide you with new contact information and more

Enterprise Debtor Portal Primary Address Update: When enabled and using Enterprise Debtor Portal, the addresses entered through the portal will be updated as the primary address.

Save Generated Files to Doc Folder: Enabling this function will save all DocGen letters that are generated through the debtor screen to the Doc Folder tab. Note: This feature does not include DocGen letters that are generated through the Bulk Account Manager.

Allow Encryption of PDF Files: PDF files that are emailed through the Claim Details screen will be sent encrypted.

Payment Plan Frequency: selecting this will default the payment plan to monthly.

Assign Account to the Creator of the Payment Plan: whichever user creates the payment plan will then be assigned the account.

Action Codes Notation: Enabling this will add a note to the account when an action code is added or removed.

Next Work Date Notation: Enabling this will add a note to the account when a Next Work Date is added or removed.

Copy Client to Creditor for New Clients: When enabled, all new accounts will automatically populate with a creditor name that matches the client name.

Client Name in Reports: Enabling this will display the full client name in Quick Reports rather than just the short name.

Showing Linked Accounts: When enabled, a list of linked accounts will show on the Claim Details screen and/or the Financial Screen without having to click to expand the list.

Web-Service API Settings

SimplicityCollect has the ability to communicate in a system-to-system fashion with other 3rd party or custom software systems.  This is done via an API interface that can be enabled or disabled.  The Web-Service API settings allows an administrator the ability to turn on/off the API functionality. Once enabled, the generated API token is what you would provide to your developer in order to gain access to the API. The API portal is viewable at:

1) Click Settings > Administrators > Company / CC Settings.

2) Check the box that says Enabled.

3) Use the generated API Token.

Adding Payment Information, Updating Credit Cards, and Making Payments

1) Go to Settings > Administrators > Company / CC Settings.

2) Click on the Add  button to add a new credit card or debit card, or click the Edit  button to edit an existing card.

3) Enter your card info and billing address, then click Submit.

  • It is important to note that the address entered on the credit card screen MUST be the same billing address that is tied to the credit card you entered.

4) If the card validates successfully, it will appear in the drop-down list and automatically be selected. You may have more than one card on file, however only the card currently selected from the drop-down list will be charged.

5) You will want to verify your company email address, as this is where receipts will be sent. After making any changes, please click the Update Info button.

6) OPTIONAL: If you want to pay by check, click on the circle next to Check. This lets us know you will be mailing us a check to the address listed. When paying by check, make sure the payment will be received before the payment due date to avoid service interruption.

  • Because the SimplicityCollect billing process is completely automated, and no accounting staff is employed, check payments are only accepted if they are pre-paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  We don’t recommend trying to make monthly check payments, as any postal delays may cause your account to be temporarily disabled.

7)  You can process a payment immediately in the Make Payment Now section by choosing a card and pressing the Submit button.


The edit button  can be used to edit credit card information, and the delete button  can be used to delete credit card information. If you’re having trouble with updating a card, try a fresh slate by deleting the card from the list and re-creating it.

We will automatically run the selected credit card on file on your due date.

Payment History

You can review Payment History and the dates/amounts paid. Click on the printer icon on the right of a transaction to view the invoice. Click on the blue floppy disk to choose which format to export this invoice to before printing (PDF, Excel, or Word).

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