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NOTE: The menu option Administrators is only available to administrator-type user accounts. If you need something updated, please contact your company administrator.


In addition to setting up a commission rate for your collectors under Settings > Administrators > Collectors/Employees, you can also give them a bonus for meeting certain monetary goals. This is on the Commission Bonus Settings screen.


Adding a Bonus

To start, simply type in the Commission Requirement that will trigger the bonus amount. For example, once a collector has received $4,000.00 in commissions they will get an additional bonus of $100.00.

To view commissions for a given month, we have several options in Reports > Quick Reports. One popular one is the Collector Performance report. There is a column for Commission earned during the time frame selected, and a column for their Bonus based on that commission amount.

NOTE: This report will ONLY show bonuses gained at the end of the month. Make sure to set the date range to run through the end of this month, or for the prior month. This is due to how the report was programmed for the agency who requested it to be built.


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