Searching for Accounts using Quick Search

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One of the most common activities in Simplicity is searching for an account. The Quick Search allows each user the ability to search for accounts and quickly retrieve information from any page in Simplicity.

It is available at the top left-hand corner of the screen:

Accounts may be searched by entering any combination of the following information:

  • Global Search (Allows you to search on the most commonly used Simplicity fields, including custom fields)
  • Phone # (This field is always the default when you first sign in, but it will stay on whatever you change it to until you log out)
  • Account #
  • Client Claim #
  • Name (last, first) (This must be entered as “last, first” specifically)
  • SSN
  • Court #
  • D.O.B.
  • Email
  • Employer

When you are ready to search for an account, click on the search button to the right . You can also access Filters by clicking the filter icon , which will help refine your search. See our section on Filters for more details.

Results will be shown right below the Quick Search box, and will display 15 accounts at a time. The Next button will move to the next 15 accounts (and a Previous button will appear once you are on any page thereafter). This results box will stay open on every page, unless:

  1. You click the Clear Results button at the bottom to remove all the search results.
  2. You click the gray Search Results “tab” that sticks out from the right-hand side. This temporarily hides the results, and can be clicked again to show them again.

If you need to perform another search quickly, and you previously had a filter set, an Ignore Filter checkbox will be available to the right of the Quick Search area. Checking the box before your next search will temporarily ignore the filters. This is mainly used when an incoming caller needs to be located in the system, but may not show up with the current filters.

Note: the Ignore Filter checkbox will be hidden if you had not set any filters for the previous search.

If you need to clear all the previously set filters, you can click on the filter icon and click the Clear All Filters button at the bottom of the pop-up screen.

You can also refer to the Home search functionality as an alternative method for finding accounts.



Hit the Enter or Return button on your keyboard, rather than clicking on the search button, to quickly bring up your search results. If no information is entered in the search box, the system will return a list of all accounts.

The headers at the top of the search results can be sorted by clicking on them. By default, the list always sorts by ascending Account Number.

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