Reports – Legal Reports: 7: Default Judgments Sent to Court

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Report Info:

This report shows all defaults that have been sent to the court for entry of judgment, but that the court has not returned within 21 days. Follow up with the court on these accounts to see why the paperwork hasn’t been returned and to make sure the paperwork hasn’t been lost.



  • This report shows all accounts that have a “Judgment Sent” date which is more than 21 days old and no “Judgment Entered” date.
  • This report shows only “open records,” not “closed records.”



  • Client Name
  • Collection Statuses



If you would like to see how this report applies to your accounts specifically, we suggest creating a test account which can be applied to any number of practice scenarios.

For any filters that have a listed box of options available (such as Collectors or Clients), multiple items can be selected from that box by holding the CTRL button (or COMMAND button) while clicking each item.

All legal reports may be exported as a .csv  file by clicking on the “Export to a CSV File” button at the top of the report.

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