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The MyReminders Viewer on the bottom right-hand corner of the Home screen is a quick way to see all of your pending Reminders, so you can get them taken care of as soon as possible. This is available for use by all employees in Simplicity.

my reminders viewer

By default, Reminders that have not been completed and are due today are shown in the MyReminders list. A collector may choose to view Reminders that are currently Due, that have been Completed, that are Overdue, that are due in the Future, or select All Due (which combines Due, Overdue, and Future together). They can also select specific Reminder Descriptions or Reminders in a date range by using the filters provided.

When using Reminders, it is important to remember the following:

  • Select the check box (Due, Completed, Overdue, Future, All Due) to view Reminders for the appropriate time frame.
  • You can also adjust the time frame more specifically by using the From and To date fields.
  • Reminder lists may be re-ordered by clicking on the appropriate column headings (Debtor, Description, Collector, Date, etc.).
  • To open an account that a Reminder belongs to, click on the Reminder name from the list.
  • To quickly mark a Reminder as completed, click in the checkbox on the left side of the Reminder.
  • Use the “Export Reminders” link to export your Reminders to Excel.
  • ADMINS: Administrators can view Reminders by selecting [All Collectors] next to the For Collector filter or for individual collectors by selecting a name from the drop-down box.

Lastly, clicking the Show in New Window link opens the Reminders in a separate window from Simplicity. This allows you to keep your Reminders open all of the time while still working within accounts.  This is especially helpful if you use dual monitors.


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