Reminders – Overview

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Reminders are a useful tool, and are essentially trackable notifications for upcoming tasks on your accounts. Other names for this functionality that you might be familiar with include Ticklers or Follow-Ups.

Reminders can be reviewed in one of five (5) ways:

1) All reminders that belong to a specific account can be previewed on that account by clicking the Reminders tab at the top of the screen.

2) Reminder notifications will pop up in SimplicityCollect 5 minutes before a Reminder is due.  This reminder can be dismissed by clicking the “OK” button or you can go right into the account by clicking on the hyperlinked account number.

3) You can view all pending Reminders by looking at the MyReminders Viewer on the Home screen.

4) You can filter for Reminders that are Overdue, Due within a specific date range, or view accounts with no Active Reminders by using the search Filters.

5) You can run a report to find accounts with no Reminders currently in place, such as: Reports > Legal Reports > 63. Accounts with No Ticklers or 64. Accounts with No Active Ticklers.


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