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QuickBooks Online Setup Tutorial


How to integrate Simplicity Collect with QuickBooks Online:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks Administration page.

  1. Check “QuickBooks Payments Feed Enabled”.
  2. Under “QuickBooks Edition”, check “Online”.
  3. Press “Save Settings”.


  1. In the “QB Online” box, press “Connect” to be redirected to QuickBooks Online.                                                   
  1. Follow the instructions on QuickBooks Online until you are redirected back to Simplicity.
  2. The QB Online box should now look like the screenshot below:                                                                                    
  1. In the “Sync” box, press “Request Debtor Sync”.

Once the sync is finished, the “Deposit to Bank Account” dropdown under “Settings” should be filled with a list of the available accounts. QuickBooks Online is now integrated with Simplicity Collect.

On the next page, I will explain how to link a Simplicity account to a QuickBooks account, so that the payments go to the right place.

How to link a Simplicity account to a QuickBooks Online account:


  1. Open an account.
  2. Go to the Financials tab.
  3. Under “QuickBooks”, press “[Update Account]” to open a dialog.                                                                                                      
  1. Under “QuickBooks Account”, select the account that you wish to record payments to.
  2. If you wish for only a certain disbursement to be recorded, then select that disbursement under “Disbursement Type”.
  3. Press “Submit Update”.

Payments to this Simplicity account will now be recorded under the selected account in QuickBooks Online.

On the next page, I will explain how to see the payments in QuickBooks Online.

How to see payments imported from Simplicity Collect in QuickBooks Online:


  1. Log into QuickBooks Online.                                             
  1. Here, you will see all payments that have been imported to the account from Simplicity Collect.On the left sidebar, press “Accounting”.                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Find the desired account and press “View register”.                                                                                                                 


If you have questions, please contact Simplicity support.