How do I provide updates for my clients?

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My clients want to see detailed information about what, when, and how we’re collecting. How can I give them what they need?

There are three great methods you can use for situations like this, detailed below:

  1. The first option you have is looking through our expansive library of Reports. These will categorize and display information based on the accounts in your system, and can be exported as a PDF, Word or Excel document. From here you can print and/or email a copy of the report to your client on a regular basis. The most commonly used report is the Client Status Report, found under Reports > Client Reports.
  2. Should your client like the “Client Status Report” and want it on a regular schedule, you can automate the process by going to Tools > Automation Tools > Report Scheduler. You can set custom parameters, frequency, and even password protect the documents and have them emailed right to your client.
  3. Our third method is great for clients who want a more hands-on approach. This involves setting up a Client Portal for them to use.
    1. To create a login for your client, navigate to Settings > Clients and look for Client Portal Settings at the bottom right.
    2. You want to make sure the portal is set to Enabled.
    3. The first option for the Client Portal, “Default View,” allows your client to see information about their accounts as well as notes for each account. The second option keeps the notes hidden, and the third option lets them see the accounts, notes, *and* any files uploaded to these accounts.
    4. You can then customize other details such as: types of reports they can see, required fields they must use when adding new accounts, and more.
    5. Lastly, assign a username and password for them to sign in with. Multiple usernames and passwords can be created for different individuals at their company. Once the client user logs in they can navigate to their username located at the top right and select User Settings to reset their password. 
    6. Click the Save icon at the top of the screen to finalize your changes.
    7. Once you provide them their username(s) and password(s), as well as your company PIN number, they can sign in using the same login page that you do at
    8. To locate the client’s login portal they will need to click on the “Log into the Client Portal” hyperlink and enter their credentials there. From the Client Portal they can view the same Client Status Report mentioned above as well as search for individual accounts.  They can also send new account files to you, and/or add new accounts to your database.
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