How do I integrate with a dialer?

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You can use almost any dialer with SimplicityCollect due to our open interface.  To start a campaign, all you need to do is to export your account’s phone numbers via the Tools > File Exporting > Data Exporter screen:

After choosing your filters, we’ve made it easy for you to generate a list of all the debtor phone numbers automatically. Simply click on the Export Phones button and a document will generate with debtor names, their account number, and all their listed debtor home and cell phone numbers.

After exporting this campaign list you can save it and upload it into your dialer program.

SimplicityCollect also has the ability to:

  1. Click to dial, as long as your dialer has a SIP Link, HTML Link, or other functionality we can connect with. You can enter your click to dial settings in Simplicity under Settings > Dialer Settings > Click to Dial.
  2. Auto/predictive dialing and screen “popping” can be done after exporting your campaign list from SimplicityCollect and importing it into your dialer to be run. If your dialer has the ability to post to our URL on a call connection, we can pop the account using our internal account ID (part of the export file) and/or attempt to look up account by a phone match. The call is automatically noted in account.You can put in the proper Post Arguments (what are essentially mappings for our fields to your dialer) in Settings > Dialer Settings > Click to Dial. Once saved, you’ll receive a Sample Post URL at the bottom of the screen, which is a web address you’ll copy and paste into your dialer program. This allows it to know how to access the account on Simplicity.
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