I clicked the red ‘X’ rather than the Rollback option after an Import. How can I delete the accounts?

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Using the Bulk Account Manager to Delete Accounts after Import

1. Navigate to Tools > Bulk Account Manager from the drop-down list.

2. In the top portion of the screen are filters. These filters are used to limit the accounts that you will be manipulating. Find the “Imported on” drop down, and select the appropriate import.

3. When you have selected your desired filters, click View Accounts.

4. A list of up to 500 accounts populate in the white viewing area below the filters. Any accounts that exceed the first 500 are available through the Get Next ### Records button.

5. (Optional) Instead of using the View Accounts button, you can select the ‘Do Not Limit’ box, and there will be no 500 account limit. All accounts within your selected criteria will be marked for the desired action.

6. By default, all of the accounts in the list are selected. Only accounts that have a check next to them will have actions performed on them.

7. Below the list of accounts is an area where you can choose what actions you’d like to apply to them. At the top-left of this section is an area labeled: Perform the Following Actions on [ALL] of the Selected Accounts. This allows you to specify either ALL, or a specific Number or Percent of accounts to affect.

8. Click Delete Accounts at the bottom left-hand corner to Delete the selected accounts.

9. In the confirmation box click OK.


Once Accounts are deleted from SimplicityCollect using the Bulk Account Manager, this step cannot be undone. If you accidentally delete your data, contact Simplicity technical support as soon as possible. We can “roll back” your database to the previous day to re-load those accounts. Note that in doing so, you will lose anything that’s been done since then such as adding notes or payments.

See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at helpdesk@simplicitycollect.com.