I accidentally deleted accounts, how can we retrieve these?

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If you accidentally delete accounts from SimplicityCollect, contact our Simplicity Support as soon as possible. There are two methods for retrieving accounts:

1. Rolling Back Your Database: If the deletion just recently happened, rolling back the database is the fastest, easiest method we can use. We keep a rolling backup up to 2 weeks from the current date that saves every night around midnight. When we perform a rollback, we restore your database to what was saved the previous night (or up to 2 weeks ago). This overwrites whatever is in the system now. Because of this, some data may be lost if anything was worked on, notes were added, payments posted, etc. since that backup was saved.

2. Creating a Backup PIN: If doing a rollback isn’t a viable option, (usually due to new data that would be lost in the process), we can instead create a backup PIN. This creates a temporary version of your PIN based on a version saved during the last two weeks. This will have the missing accounts you need to recover. You can access this backup PIN the same way as your current database, just with a different PIN number. You can then export the account data you need, save it, and re-import it into your primary/current PIN.


See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at helpdesk@simplicitycollect.com.