How to upload documents in bulk?

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How to upload documents in bulk?

Tools > File Importing > Document Splitter

Instead of uploading documents onto each individual account you may find using the Document Splitter tool useful when uploading in bulk. As this time, only text documents can be uploaded using the Document Splitter.

To export a Word or Excel file to text format go to File > Export > Change File Type, select Plain Text (.txt) then Save As. Skip to step 4.

If your documents are in PDF you can convert to text format by performing the following steps:

1. First make sure you have an Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free and you can find it through a Google search.

2. After installed, open the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Reader (sometimes your computer may default to a web browser instead, so you will have to right click, go down to “open with…” and select Adobe.

3. After the file has loaded to Adobe, go to File > Save as Text… and then save this to your desktop.

4. Find the txt file where you saved it on your desktop and open the file. This will open your Notepad application.

a – Separate which information goes under each account by entering the account ID above the text data pertaining to the specific account. Then enter “End Document” (with brackets) below the data specific to that account.

b – Go to Tools > File Importing > Document Splitter. Upload the txt file that you saved on your desktop. Type “End Document” (with brackets) as the document terminator and click Split Document. Here it will tell you if there were any problems uploading.

c – Now you can find the text that was split for each account in the “Doc Folder” tab on each debtor’s account.