How do you VOID a transaction?

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There may be times you want a transaction to show on an account, but you do not want it to be applied to the balance on the account. This can be especially true for payment-type transactions where funds were promised but never received. This is called Voiding a transaction.

To accomplish this, use the following steps:

1) Click on the Financials tab of the account with the transaction that is to be voided.

2) Void the payment by clicking on the Void  button at the end of the transaction line.

3) Confirm the void by clicking OK.

4) The line item is now gray, and the payment acts as though it was never made:

5) To re-apply the voided transaction, click the Reset Voided Transaction button .



Editing, deleting, voiding, or marking a payment NSF will NOT refund money to the debtor. If you need to process a refund, you must go through your merchant/payment processor.


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