How do you override allocations/disbursements for a payment?

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In certain circumstances, you may need to override the allocation or disbursement amounts for a single payment. Normally these items are controlled directly by the allocation/disbursement rules you have set in Financials > Settings/Judgment, or globally in Settings > Clients. These settings trickle down from the client, to the account, to the transaction, respectively.

However, perhaps you have run into one of the following examples:

  • Your client has requested a set amount disbursed to them for the very first or last payment received
  • You have very intricate rules with your client in regards to how payments are broken down, perhaps only 10% of every payment is applied to interest, and the rest is always applied to principal
  • You received a specific type of payment and your agency will be getting 100% of the amount paid for just that one payment
  • You need to give 25% of each payment to an attorney involved, regardless of the attorney fees or other disbursement settings you’ve set thus far

Once a payment is posted, you can manually override these allocation and disbursement variables by:

1) Navigate to the Financials page of the account in question.

2) Go to the payment in question, and click the Override Payment Allocation button .

3) This will bring up a box where you can specify what allocation and disbursement amounts you want.

4) Click Save Override.

NOTE: When a payment has been altered with this feature, an orange glowing outline will appear around the Override Payment allocation button to show something has been changed.


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