How do I use Simplicity’s API?

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Your programmer can use our API whenever they’d like. For them to access it, you must first generate an API token they can use. The API token is found by logging into SimplicityCollect (specifically a user with Admin privileges) and going to Settings > Administrators > Company / CC Settings. From here, click on the Web-Service API Settings check-box. This will give you a unique API token.

Simplicity’s API can then be accessed at the following link: . From here, your programmers can use the functions “AddAccount”, “AddNote”, “AddPayment”, “DebtorSearch”, “DebtorUpdate” and “GetAccountTicklers” in conjunction with SOAP and REST’ful.

NOTE: When using the “AddPayment” option, payments added with the API simply post a payment transaction to a Simplicity account, but won’t automatically charge a debtor’s credit card or bank. This is because credit card information is not stored in our server.


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