How do I update debtor or account information once it is in the system?

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To update debtor or account information in SimplicityCollect, you will be using one of two tools. These will be the Debtor File Updater tool and/or the Account Updater tool.

Updating Debtor Information

To update or add any debtor information to SimplicityCollect in bulk (this includes a debtor’s address, phone numbers, date of birth, custom debtor fields, and so on) you can follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to Tools > File Updating > Debtor Updater.  Click the Browse / Choose File button to select the file you wish to use for the update. This must be in a .csv, .xls or .xlsx format. Then click the button Prepare File for Uploading.

2)  In the box named Step #2 you will want to select an existing mapping, edit an existing mapping or create a new mapping by clicking Create New File Map.

3) Name your mapping something unique to what you are updating so you can recognize it later.

4) Choose an item under File Column that you would like to map. These items refer to the column headings in your spreadsheet file. You must map either Debtor SSN, Account Number, Client Claim #, or Debtor Internal ID which will help Simplicity update *any* other fields you map.

5) Now choose the item under Account Element that best represents or matches the item you picked from File Column. When mapping the Debtor SSN, this will be labeled “Debtor Social Security Number”.  These items refer to fields in Simplicity where you would like your data to appear.

6) Once an item is picked from both columns (they should each be highlighted), click the Add >> button on the right to confirm the relationship between the two. The combination of both will appear in the 3rd column shown, Mappings. If you make a mistake, you can select the combination in Mappings and click the << Remove option instead.

NOTE: Depending on the file you’re using, you do not have to update or map fields where no data is changed. Only map the relevant fields you need.

7) Once you have formed all the associations (mappings) between the File Column and the Account Element column that you wish to update click the button Save New Mapping. When the screen returns to the previous menu, select the mapping name from the list in Step #2 and click the Import Accounts button in Step #4.

8) Simplicity will go through the spreadsheet and automatically add or update the fields for you. When it is complete, you can pull up an account to view the changes made.

Click here for more information about updating debtor information.



Updating Account Information

Alternatively if you need to update or add any basic account information to Simplicity (this includes dates, like your charged off date or the date of 1st delinquency, and the original or new claim amounts, custom account fields and so on) you can instead go to Tools > File Updating > Account Updater.

The tools are set up in the exact same way, so you can follow the steps #1-8 above to update fields based on the Account Number or the Client Claim Number fields. You will be required to map at least one of these to update account information.

NOTE: You can also use the Debtor SSN field to update information using the Account Updater tool, however if a debtor has more than one account in Simplicity, it will only update the first one it finds. Using the Account Number is the best choice, as each account has a unique Account Number and will insure a proper update.

Click here for more information about updating account information.

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