How do I Un-Link Accounts?

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To un-link accounts from one another, click (expand) next to Other Claims/Accounts. Accounts may be “soft”, “hard”, or “custom” linked depending on how the account was created. If the link type shows as “custom” a broken chain link icon will show next to it. Clicking on this icon will allow the accounts to easily be unlinked.

  • Soft – To unlink this type of linked account, click on the pencil icon next to the debtor name and remove the SSN. All soft-linked accounts can be unlinked without removing the SSN by going to Settings > Administrators > Company/CC Settings and disable the setting “Soft-Link accounts on Matching Debtor SSN”.
  • Hard – To unlink this type of linked account the debtor information will need to be copied over to a new debtor profile.
    • On the account, copy the main debtor information to the Co-Debtor tab as a new debtor by clicking on the blue plus icon.
    • Enter the debtor information and click Save. You will then see a message that a debtor already exists with the same SSN. Click Add New Debtor Anyway.
    • After entering the debtor information click on the yellow icon “Click Here to Save as Co-Debtor”.
    • Click the button to make this new Co-Debtor the Primary Debtor  
    • The new debtor profile has now been moved as primary while the original debtor profile has been moved to the co-debtor. You can now click on the co-debtor tab and select Remove Co-Debtor.
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