How do I mark accounts for skip tracing?

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If your Skip Tracing options are not enabled, please see: Settings – Administrators: Skip Trace Settings for instructions on how to first enable this feature.

In order for accounts to be sent to our affiliate, LocateSmarter, for skiptracing – the accounts must first be marked for this service. You can mark accounts to be skip traced either individually, or in bulk.

Mark Accounts for Skip Tracing Individually

  1. Access the Account
  2. Checkmark the option on the claim details screen above the debtor’s name labeled “Mark for Skip Trace”.
  3. This will become disabled and say “Waiting for Skip Trace” after being sent. It will reset after Skip Tracing is processed.

Mark Accounts for Skip Tracing in Bulk

  1. Click on  Tools > Bulk Account Manager from the drop-down list.
  2. In the top portion of the screen are filters. These filters are used to limit the accounts that you will be making changes to. Choose a combination of filters to show only the accounts you want to make changes to. (Ex. If you want to choose only accounts that are assigned a certain status and belong to a certain collector, filter by both the specific status, and specific collector.)
  3. When you have selected your desired filters, click View Accounts.
  4. A list of up to 500 accounts populate in the list below the filters. Any accounts that exceed the first 500 are available through the Get Next ### Records button.
  5. If the option ‘Do Not Limit’ is selected, there will be no 500 account limit. All accounts within your selected criteria will be marked for the desired action, without the option to deselect individual accounts.
  6. By default, all of the accounts in the list are selected. Only accounts that have a check next to them can have actions performed on them.

Below the list of accounts is where the actions are applied to the accounts. In the drop-down list, you can change ALL to Number or Percent to specify how many accounts of those with a checkmark you want to perform actions on.

  1. In the checkbox options, click the Skip Tracing checkbox.
  2. Click the Skip Tracing button to the right
  3. In the pop-up click the options you wish to skip for
  4. Click Submit
  5. A pop-up will read: “Are you sure you want to mark for skip tracing? Once marked the debtor(s) will be sent for skip tracing and successful hits will be charged.” Click OK
  6. Click Perform Selected Actions in the bottom left corner of the screen


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost?

The cost of the service is $0.10 per hit for phones and addresses, $0.14 per hit for deceased, $0.35 per hit for bankruptcy, and $0.20 per hit for emails. If there is no data returned you do not pay for the inquiry.

How will I be billed?

Once your Skip spending reached $50.00, we will automatically bill the card we have on file. If you have not reached $50.00 by your next billing cycle, we will bill the accrued amount.

How many phone numbers are returned?

Only a single number is returned, which surprises some of our clients. The reason for this is that the returned number is the best possible contact number for that particular debtor and is retrieved using proprietary algorithms and sources to ensure that highest success and probability. This saves you time and money, as only the most accurate result is returned.

We don’t believe that each consumer has a multitude of phones. The strict match logic allows us to return the most probable phone for the consumer. This enables us to reduce excess data and the cost associated with dialing it, as well as reducing the risk of wrong numbers & CFPB complaints. This is also what makes LocateSmarter data better than other providers

How is the data processed?

The data is processed every ninety (90) minutes in batches of up to 500 accounts each. The accounts can be enabled individually on the account, or in bulk through the Bulk Account Manager.


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