How do I keep my collectors from accessing a certain batch of accounts?

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NOTE: This article contains information pertaining to Administrators and (possibly) Superusers with necessary permissions. If you need something updated, please contact your company administrator.

Whether you’re trying to keep accounts separated by collector or you want to hide certain accounts from multiple collectors, there are a few ways you can organize your system.


Assigning Accounts to Collectors

Once you have created your collectors in Simplicity (by going to Settings > Administrators > Collectors/Employees) you can assign accounts to them either:

  1. Manually on the accounts from the Claim Details page.
  2. In bulk using the Bulk Account Distributor tool.
  3. In bulk using the Bulk Account Manager tool.
  4. In bulk using the Account Updater tool.

By default, collectors CAN access any account in the system. This allows them to assist customers quickly when calls come in. Assigning accounts to collectors allows them to focus on a specific batch (also referred to by many companies as a queue, a desk, etc.) even though they have access to other accounts through SimplicityCollect’s search functionality.


Restricting Accounts to the Collectors Assigned to Them

If you wish to assign accounts to collectors and make it so they CANNOT access any other accounts in the system, you can do so from Settings > Administrators > Collectors/Employees. Some companies wish to use this method to prevent collectors from cherry-picking accounts to work or working accounts that are not theirs. When a customer calls in, the account will show in the search and say what collector is allowed to work it. The call can then be transferred to that collector.

On the Collectors/Employees screen:

  1. Select the collector you wish to edit from the left-hand menu.
  2. Go to the Account Access Control section.
  3. Check the box that says: Allow access to own accounts only
  4. (Optional) You can also check the box that says unassigned only if your collector is allowed to work other accounts not assigned to anyone yet.
  5. Click the Update button at the bottom to save your changes.

If you are setting up a profile for a Superuser (or someone in the company who has employees that work under them or on their team), you can also check the box: Also allow access to accounts assigned to these Collectors

This will let them access and help with the accounts for their team, in addition to accounts assigned specifically to them.


Restricting Accounts to a Queue

Sometimes there are accounts that have special circumstances. Perhaps they need to be:

  • Reviewed by multiple individuals (and therefore cannot be assigned to a single collector)
  • They are being sold to another company and should not be worked anymore
  • They are accounts that refuse to pay, that filed bankruptcy, or are deceased
  • They are accounts that are paid in full or settled in full

In these cases, you can assign the accounts to a Queue. Queues are like holding bins for your accounts, and make them more private. By default, NO collectors can access accounts in a queue unless you give them explicit access. You need to visit the Queue Manager to select a Queue, and then choose collectors who should or should not have access.


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