How do I integrate my payment processor/merchant?

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How do I integrate my payment processor/merchant with you?

You can integrate your payment processor/merchant with us, as long as they are an affiliate we work with. There are several major companies that we are affiliated with already that you can choose from.

Once you’ve signed up for a payment processor/merchant, you can contact our support team to let us know who you’re working with. We’ll request the payment processor credentials to link them up with your SimplicityCollect account, and will have it running within 24 hours.


*What if my payment processor is not listed as an affiliate?

Some of the business affiliates above also work as a gateway, or 3rd party connectors, that will translate data to/from SimplicityCollect from other merchants (processors) on the market who we do not affiliate with directly. These are a great option to check out if you do not see yours listed above.


How does integrating work?

The process of linking SimplicityCollect with a merchant of any kind is like a river. Once everything is connected, payments (both manual or automatic) are entered into Simplicity, at the top of the river.

Option 1: The payments travel down the river to the merchant, also known as your processor. The processor is like a dam, verifying what is coming through. This is the company that actually runs the credit card, debit card, or ACH credentials to see if they are accurate. If they are, the payments are let through.

Option 2: The payments travel down to a gateway, which communicates with your processor. It’s like a 2nd dam, or a middle-man between Simplicity and the processor. The gateway often translates the card or ACH information for the processor.

After successful payments are made, they continue down the river to your business account or bank. From here, you can pay out to other 3rd parties or employees.

These payments only travel one way down the river. Payment information will not travel back up.


What if I receive an error message?

You can search our Knowledge Base for known messages, but the general pattern is:

Red errors: these are originating from SimplicityCollect. You can contact our Simplicity Support team regarding your error message at:

Black errors: these are being returned by the gateway and/or processor. If you receive any errors originating from the gateway and/or processor, you will want to contact them directly to resolve the issue.


Adding Multiple Payment Processors

We can integrate multiple payment processor keys/tokens for you. Please contact us to provide those credentials and let us know which you would prefer as the default ACH processor and which is the default credit card processor.

Deleting Payment Processors

SimplicityCollect does not store payment information within the system. When removing payment processor credentials the payment information within each debtor account will be severed. Before removing payment processor credentials we can generate a report of all accounts tied to that processor. Please let us know if you would like this report. Once the payment processor credentials have been removed from our system we will no longer be able to generate this report.



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