How do I Edit my Collection Statuses?

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It may be necessary to edit or modify an existing collection status. To accomplish this, follow the steps contained in this article.

Creating and Modifying a Custom Status

  1. Go to Settings > Collection Statuses.
  2. Collection Status Types appear on the left side of the screen.
  3. Either find an existing Status Type or create a new Status Type. Then click the Select button next to it.
  4. A box will appear on the right side of the screen for collection Statuses. This is where you will be able to edit, add, or delete Statuses from this Status Type group.
  5. When adding or editing a Status, you will have the option to mark one of the following features:
    1. Closed: Check this box if you want the Status to indicate a closed or an account that is to remain unworked. This is used to categorize statuses in reports as either “Open” (unchecked) or “Closed” (checked).
    2. Zeroes Out Balance: Check this box if you want the Status to automatically zero out the balance on the account when it is selected by an employee. Once a status with this option is set and then saved on an account, the next time you access the account the balance will read as $0.00 (with appropriate adjustments made on the Financials screen automatically).

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