How do I edit a DocGen template?

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Once you have your DocGen templates created, there might be times you need to update one. To do so, just follow these steps:


1) If you already have a copy of the DocGen letter template on your computer, skip to step #4.

2) Go to Settings > DocGen Templates.

3) Find the letter template you wish to edit. To the right, click the Download  button to save a copy of it to your computer.

4) Open the letter in Microsoft Word and make the changes you need.

5) Save the edited letter template to your computer.

6) Go back to Settings > DocGen Templates in Simplicity.

7) Next to the letter template you wish to update, click the Edit button.

8) On the pop-up screen, go to Update File: and click the Browse/Choose File button to search for your edited letter template.

9) Click Open and you should see the new file name listed next to Update File.

10) Click the Update button. The pop-up will close and the screen will refresh, indicating the new edited letter template has been successfully saved.


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