How do I add a new portfolio into SimplicityCollect?

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To add an entire portfolio into SimplicityCollect, you will be utilizing our Account Importer tool located in Tools > File Importing > Account Importer.

1) Prior to importing accounts into Simplicity you must take the time to clean the import file with the Pre-Import Checklist, which is located under Tools > File Importing > Account Importer. This checklist gives steps to clean and prepare your file so it will import correctly.

2) After you have cleaned your file with the Pre-Import Checklist, save a copy of the file to a known location on your computer. Then on SimplicityCollect, still in Tools > File Importing > Account Importer, click the Browse / Choose File button to select the clean spreadsheet file that you just saved. Next click the Prepare File for Uploading button.

3) In the box named Step #2 you will either a) choose an existing mapping, b) edit an existing mapping or c) Create New File Map. A mapping is defined as the associations between the names of your columns (the headers in the first row of your spreadsheet) and the appropriate fields in Simplicity for where the data will be placed.NOTE: If you always receive a specific type of file from a client, the mapping will most likely be the same for that client each time. You can save a mapping so that you can reuse it in the future.

4) If creating a new mapping, name your mapping something unique. Then click on an item under the heading “File Column” to highlight (select) it. These items will refer to the column headers in the spreadsheet that you are importing.

5) Click on an item under “Account Element” that best represents and/or matches the item you picked from “File Column.” The items in “Account Element” refer to fields in Simplicity where you would like your data from the “File Column” list to show up.

6) Once an item is picked from both columns (they should each be highlighted), click the “Add >>” button on the right to confirm the relationship between the two. The combination of both will appear in the 3rd column shown, “Mappings.” If you make a mistake, you can select the combination in “Mappings” and click the “<< Remove” option instead.

7) Once you have formed the associations (mapping) between all the necessary “File Column” and “Account Element” information, click the “Save New Mapping” button.

8) After clicking “Save New Mapping” you should be taken back to the Steps #1-4 screen. Select your new mapping name from the list in Step #2. You may enter optional information in Step #3. Lastly, click the Import Accounts button in Step #4.

9) Your file will now start to import. It may take several minutes depending on the amount of data being imported.  Once it is complete, you can view the Results file at the far right. This will alert you if some accounts failed to import or if all the accounts imported successfully. Once successful, you can search for and work your new accounts.


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