How can I request changes or modifications to the software?

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There are several different modifications that we can enable for your SimplicityCollect software. If you are interested in turning one of these modifications on, you can contact our Simplicity Support team for more details at:

These include features such as:

  • Excluding currency symbol from checks
  • Enabling a warning for collectors when leaving an account, if no Reminder is set
  • Enabling a note to be generated automatically when custom fields are modified
  • Ignoring Hold Agreements in reports
  • Subtract running Attorney Fees from Interest
  • Disbursing excess funds (when overpayment is received) to:
  • 100% to Agency
  • Use Client Commission Rate and Cont. Fee
  • Same as Principal
  • Allow free-form text in the Debtor SSN field
  • Fix all Debtor SSN information in the system (adding leading 0’s, dashes, etc.)
  • Allow the Debtor Payment Portal to be accessed without confirming Debtor SSN if the Debtor SSN is blank
  • Remove all Orphaned Debtors (debtors that have no account associated with them)
  • Remove all empty Clients (those who have no accounts associated with them)
  • Clean phones, by removing all duplicate phone numbers. Primary numbers will be kept over non-primary duplicates. Blank and quotation mark numbers are also removed.
  • Remove duplicate addresses, by matching on AddressOne, City, and State (with optional match on AddressTwo and Zip). Primary addresses are kept over non-primary duplicates
  • Pad zip codes on the left with 0’s, if they are missing. i.e. 1234 becomes 01234. Empty zips or 5 digits or longer are left alone
  • Disable recurring payments
  • The run hour for recurring payments (based on your timezone)
  • Allow recurring payments to run on closed-type status accounts
  • Skip recurring payments when they are marked “Overdue”
  • Leave denied payments on Payment Plans and continues on wth option to reset Denied status
  • Send an email when errors prevent your recurring payments from running
  • Putting payment plans “On Hold” when a payment is denied
  • Enable You’ve Got Claims (YGC)
  • Enable Factor Financing
  • Delete duplicate claims (Removes duplicate claims that have the same amount and interest start date from all accounts)
  • Show Balance Options in the Account Importer (includes: Zero Out Balance and Update Balance)
  • Enable Account Work Tracker pop-up that shows when leaving an account
  • Hide any closed accounts from the list of linked accounts on Claim Details
  • Obfuscate Client Portal passwords
  • Restrict Action Code deletion so that no one (not even admins) may delete Action Codes, except Simplicity Support
  • Restrict Reminders deletion so that no one (not even admins) may delete Reminders, except Simplicity Support
  • Adjust the Metro2 Account Opened field from the Claim Received date to either Entered Date or Originated Date
  • Show the Court Number field from the Complaint Information section of the Legal Details tab at the top of the Claim Details tab
  • Hide the Check Modal (pop-up) when entering a cost-type transaction on the Financials tab
  • Add a custom “Help Link” directory option to the Help tab on SimplicityCollect (must provide text for link and the url)


Custom Work and Enhancements

If you would like to request a quote for custom work or for an enhancement to be made to the software, you can contact our Simplicity Support team for more details at:


See anything missing or out of date on this page? Please contact Simplicity Support at