How can I export phone numbers for my Dialer?

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To create a call campaign through your dialer of choice, using your Simplicity data, follow these steps:

  1.  Click on Tools > File Exporting > Data Exporter.
  2. In the box with the various filters (collector, client, status, claim received date range, etc.) select filters for the accounts that you want exported.
  3. Adjust the filter options as necessary for Phone Numbers: Including/Excluding and [ALL], Good, Bad, and Unknown.
  4. Click on the Export Phones button.
  5. The generated .csv file will include some basic information automatically. You do not have to select any of the data elements for these to appear. The columns will include: Internal Case ID, Account Number, Client Claim Number, Debtor’s Name and Current Balance Due, followed by a list of all the Phones for that debtor, their Type (Home, Cell), their Status (Good, Bad), and their Description (if any have been added to the system).
  6. Upload this file to the dialer of your choice, and create a call campaign.
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