How can I build a custom report?

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Depending on the type of information you want in the report, you can definitely customize your own. This can be done by navigating the main menu to Tools > File Exporting > Data Exporter.

The Data Exporter can be used to build a report with a combination of a) the filters at the top of the screen and b) the columns of data elements below the filters.

1) To get started, pick and choose from the data element columns what you would like to see in your custom report. Feel free to adjust the filters up above as necessary.

2) Once you’ve made all the changes you’d like, you can then save your custom “report” by going to the very top of the page and entering a Name in the box provided. Click the Add button to save your report to the Configurations list. When you return to this page at a later date, you can go to [Configuration] in the Filters section and select your report from the drop down menu. Click Load to auto-generate your required data elements and filters.

3) Lastly, click the Export Accounts button. A new file should download automatically. Open the file in Microsoft Excel. From here, you can use Excel’s Sort & Filter tool to sort any column you would like A to Z, display only X value, etc. You will have full control over managing and printing the data here.


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