How can I add or edit my billing information?

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NOTE: The menu option Administrators is only available to administrator-type user accounts. If you need something updated, please contact your company administrator.

Adding Payment Information, Updating Credit Cards, and Making Payments

1) Go to Settings > Administrators > Company / CC Settings.

2) Click on the Add  button to add a new credit card or debit card, or click the Edit  button to edit an existing card.

3) Enter your card info and billing address, then click Submit.

  • It is important to note that the address entered on the credit card screen MUST be the same billing address that is tied to the credit card you entered.

4) If the card validates successfully, it will appear in the drop-down list and automatically be selected. You may have more than one card on file, however only the card currently selected from the drop-down list will be charged.

5) You will want to verify your company email address, as this is where receipts will be sent. After making any changes, please click the Update Info button.

6) OPTIONAL: If you want to pay by check, click on the circle next to Check. This lets us know you will be mailing us a check to the address listed. When paying by check, make sure the payment will be received before the payment due date to avoid service interruption.

  • Because the SimplicityCollect billing process is completely automated, and no accounting staff is employed, check payments are only accepted if they are pre-paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  We don’t recommend trying to make monthly check payments, as any postal delays may cause your account to be temporarily disabled.

7)  You can process a payment immediately in the Make Payment Now section by choosing a card and pressing the Submit button.



The edit button  can be used to edit credit card information, and the delete button  can be used to delete credit card information. If you’re having trouble with updating a card, try a fresh slate by deleting the card from the list and re-creating it.

We will automatically run the selected credit card on file on your due date.


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