How can I add a new Fee Type?

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By default, we supply you with several “stock” transaction descriptions under Financials > Transactions that you can choose from when posting transactions, however we don’t have any set up for fees.

If you’d like to allocate funds to a specific fee type, first navigate to Financials > Settings/Judgements in an individual account. In the Allocations/Disbursement Settings section of the page, navigate to the Name: field and enter the name of the fee you would like to add. For example, “Transportation Fee”.  Click Add. Click Save Settings.

Next, to create your transaction description, you will have to go to Financials > Advanced in an individual account at the top right-hand corner and create one. Just set the type to Fee and click Insert New to save it:

NOTE: The option Add to: relates to other types of fee disbursement categories you may have created in Financials > Settings/Judgment or in Settings > Clients. We start you off with one called “Att. Fee”, which refers to an attorney who may work with your office. Adding other categories is completely optional.

Once you click Insert New, this description will be available on Financials > Transactions. You can then select it from the drop down list, and put in the necessary information, such as how much the fee should be for. It will appear at the bottom as a transaction.


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