Factor Financing Reports

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Report Info:

These reports provide a detailed overview of the holdback activities made on accounts and client reserves. The reports are also filterable by several options, including Client Name and date range. This report is only available if the Factor Financing option is enabled by SimplicityCollect Support Staff.


  • Clients
  • Start/End Date or Month/Year
  • Report Name*
  • Exclude/Include unvested
  • Status

*The Report Name filter refers to the various Factor Financing Reports we have available.

  • Borrowing Base 
  • Holdback Activity
  • Initial Advance
  • Monthly Activity
  • Quickbooks
  • Supplemental Distribution

Generating the Report:

Once you have set the proper filters, click on the button Generate Report. You can use the page numbers and/or arrows at the top to navigate documents with multiple pages.

Saving, Printing, and/or Exporting the Report:

You can click the Export button to choose which type of program you’d like to open the report in. You can export, open, or save the report in either Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or PDF format:

You will have to use the above option to Print the report, as each program has its own print functionality. You’ll even be able to customize the report prior to printing, depending on the program.

NOTE: The system does not automatically save these reports each time you generate them; they are always generated in real time. You can generate them as rarely or as often as you wish to. If you need to save a copy of each one, you can create a folder on your computer to store them in, or generate them again at a later date.


If you would like to see how this report applies to your accounts specifically, we suggest creating a test account which can be applied to any number of practice scenarios.