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NOTE: To utilize this feature, it must first be enabled by an Administrator in your system.

When searching for accounts on the Home screen, you will be presented with some default variables during every search (such as debtor name, account number, balance, and so on). If allowed to do so by your company, you have the option of customizing these result fields. This allows you to change out one of the existing search result fields with any other one of your choice.

To do so, click on your username at the top right-hand corner of the screen:

On the next screen, choose one of the existing result fields and replace it with one from the drop down list(s) provided. You can also specify which one you wish to use to sort all the results by:

When finished, make sure to click the Save button to save your settings. If you do not see the changes affecting your search immediately after saving, try clearing your browser history/cache, log out, and log back in to SimplicityCollect.


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