Common Payment Processing Mistakes, Questions and Errors

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What happens when a payment plan is on hold and I set it back to pending?

To first explain, Payment Plans can only be set to hold/pending if they are tied to a payment method (ACH, Debit or Credit Card). SimplicityCollect attempts to run any payments that are pending due (or pending overdue) early the following morning on your processing hour. This time is defaulted to 4:00am, however you can contact Simplicity Support to change it to another hour.

If the Payment Plan has been on hold for a while, ANY and ALL overdue payments will attempt to process. Because of this, you may want to adjust the due dates for those payments, OR re-create the payment plan.


I tried to post a payment to an account, and received the error, “the card type is not accepted by your merchant.”

Depending on your payment processor/merchant, there may be certain card types (such as American Express, Discover, gift cards, etc.) that they do not accept. You will want to check with your merchant to confirm if the card you’re trying to run is accepted by their system.


Can I process both credit cards/debit cards and ACH payments through Simplicity?

The ability to process CC or ACH transactions is specific to your processor. You will want to check with them, as they can tell you what you are approved to process.

If you are not authorized to run one or the other when your process a payment, you may receive an error message such as: Error saving payment information. Credit card info was not stored in the vault. – 23. Specified source key not found. (This specific message is when trying to run an ACH payment when your processor only allows card transactions.)


I received an error message when trying to process a payment.

You can search our Knowledgebase for known messages, but the general pattern is:

Red errors: these are originating from SimplicityCollect. You can contact our Simplicity Support team regarding your error message at:

Black errors: these are being returned by the gateway and/or processor. If you receive any errors originating from the gateway and/or processor, you will want to contact them directly to resolve the issue.


I processed a payment before, but the payment information didn’t save? I have to enter it again every time.

When processing a payment, there is an extra button labeled Save Payment Info. Once the information is entered, this must be clicked before clicking Process Payment.

Only one set of payment information can be saved per account.

Also, the Financials tab and the Payment Plan tab have different instances of the process payment popup. If you’ve saved payment information on the Financials tab, it will not automatically carry over to the Payment Plan tab.

Once payment information is saved, it is stored on your payment processor’s server. No credit card, ACH, or billing credentials are saved directly on SimplicityCollect. You can select existing payment information to use for payments, or choose to add new payment information.



I processed a payment but it didn’t charge the debtor. I don’t see the payment on my merchant’s reports?

This can happen if a collector accidentally clicks the Skip Payment Processing button instead of the Process Payment button on the process payment screen. Usually the Skip Payment Processing button is only used when you don’t want to charge a debtor. Examples of this may include:

  • Debtor has made a payment in person, and you need to only record that you received funds–not charge them again
  • Debtor’s payment was run directly through the processor already, and you need to record it in Simplicity
  • You are trying to record a check or cash payment and do not need to process any information



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